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Functional Foods and Biotechnology book

Functional Foods and Biotechnology book

1. Clonal Screening and Sprout Based Bioprocessing of Phenolic Phytochemicals for Functional Foods
2. Molecular Design of Soybean Proteins for Enhanced
Food Quality
3. Genetic Modification of Plant Starches for Food Applications
4. Genetic Modification of Plant Oils for Food Uses
5. Molecular Biotechnology for Nutraceutical Enrichment of Food Crops: The Case of Minerals and Vitamins
6. Potential Health Benefits of Soybean Isoflavonoids and Related Phenolic Antioxidants
7. Functional Phytochemicals from Cranberries: Their Mechanismof Action and Strategies to Improve Functionality
8. Rosmarinic Acid Biosynthesis and Mechanism of Action
9. Bioprocessing Strategies to Enhance l-DOPA and Phenolic Antioxidants in the Fava Bean (Vicia faba)
10. Biochemical Markers for Antioxidant Functionality
11. Phytochemicals and Breast Cancer Chemoprevention
12. Phenolic Antimicrobials from Plants for Control of Bacterial Pathogens
13. Biotechnology in Wine Industry
14. Biotechnology of Nonnutritive Sweeteners
15. Biotechnological Approaches to Improve Nutritional Quality and Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables
16. Egg Yolk Antibody Farming for Passive Immunotherapy
17. Human Gut Microflora in Health and Disease:Focus on Prebiotics
18. Immunomodulating Effects of Lactic Acid Bacteria
19. Enzymatic Synthesis of Oligosaccharides: Progress and Recent Trends
20. Metabolic Engineering of Bacteria for Food Ingredients
21. Technologies Used for Microbial Production of Food Ingredients
22. Production of Carotenoids by Gene Combination in Escherichia coli
23. Production of Amino Acids: Physiological and Genetic Approaches
24. Biotechnology of Microbial Polysaccharides in Food
25. Solid-State Bioprocessing for Functional Food Ingredients and Food Waste Remediation

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